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Adapting a Sentence Intervention with Spelling and Handwriting Support for Elementary Students with Writing Difficulties: A Preliminary Investigation
Shawn M. Datchuk, & Ginny A. Dembek
Insights into Learning Disabilities, 15(1), 7-27, 2018

Mathematics Instruction for Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities in the Era of Tiered Instruction
Shaqwana Freeman-Green, Julie Person, & Chris O'Brien
Insights into Learning Disabilities, 15(2), 175-194, 2018

Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Flashcards on Sight Word Identification for a High School Student with a Specific Learning Disability
Claren Fraher, Kristina Jones, Cyndi Caniglia, Gabrielle Crowell, Katie Hastings, & Kimberly Zumwalt
Insights into Learning Disabilities, 16(1), 37-44, 2019

Measuring Special Education Preservice Teachers' Knowledge, Reflective Ability, and Tutored Student Outcomes on Foundational Literacy Skills
Tiffany K. Peltier, Erin K. Washburn, Joshua M. Pulos, & Corey Peltier
Insights into Learning Disabilities, 17(1), 1-33, 2020

"I Went on the Mound and I Felt Like I Didn't Have a Learning Disability": A Qualitative Study of a Former Professional Baseball Player with Learning Disabilities
Matthias Grünke, Carsten Klöpfer, Thorben Wellmann, & Janine Bracht
Insights into Learning Disabilities, 17(2), 109-128, 2020

The Effects of a Math Racetracks Intervention on the Single-Digit Multiplication Facts Fluency of Four Struggling Elementary School Students
Jennifer Karnes, Anne Barwasser, & Matthias Grünke
Insights into Learning Disabilities, 18(1), xx-xx, 2021

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